The Journey Begins

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Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


It was two years back that the thought of writing and sharing my thoughts and observations on life through poems, essays and stories came to my mind, but as the saying goes by “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water – Rabindranath Tagore” I was just staring at the stillness of the water, waiting for the perfect wave to lift my feet up and propel me further into writing as I surrender myself to it; this is my attempt to transcend into the state of being the one who fights the seas rather than the one who just does the job of merry-watching.

So here is a poem that I wrote when I used to spend my time in solitude when I was in the Kochi campus of Indian Maritime University.  In this, as you’ll read on, you’ll find the contents written with heavy metaphors that it renders it an almost cryptic undertone. Try reading it with an approach that you are having a conversation with yourself – sitting on a beach with an orange hue left by the setting Sun crowning the horizon as it gradually sets in for the dark of the night to take over. The metaphorical references are generally taken from the day-to-day observations and hence I believe the act of deciphering the crux of the ‘Undaunted Questions’ would become easier.

Undaunted Questions

Can you see the light in the dark;
And be on Your foot to maneuver the unfathomed terrain,
And balance every strand to eke out the disturbances in the mirror’s tale,
And Mark every silhouette on its face?
Let the world despise you for your courage;
The courage that lets you stand on the grounds of noble lineage?

Can you hear the noise of silence;
And hear every cry that turns the stubborn walls into dust…
The mounds of which when soaked in waters from the streams of senses,
Fills the air with the odor of corpses with severed heads!
And hear the sounds of appraisal and not be affected in the merits, but pledge to keep up with the flow?

Can you hear the noise of the earth and the oceans and air,
and just decipher the faint signals which mean a thing of obese weight in its true order of questionable demerits?
Well, we are rowing our boat along the flow;
Mountains are engraved by the might of the mob.
They let it pass, and so the kind should…
Let the noise pass his tunnel
And continue with the rowing till he reaches the ends to meet the parameters of enlightenment.

Can you bear the pain of success;
And still, love it as you do on losing the tooth which went sore,
And just contain your tongue to tingle the site of useful destruction to mark a stable incubator for a new start,
And to refrain to let it entertain the extraordinary keep when it grows-
And employ it to its work and focus on the new arenas to practice duels with the beings unknown?

Can you be strange and be normal to entertain the tons of thoughts and draw a meaningful conclusion from your observations?


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